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Tooele County Bail Bonds – Our Scheduled Release Time Is 20-45 Minutes

Do you have a friend or loved one being held in the Tooele County Jail?
If this is your first time needing a Tooele County Bail Bonds agent and you’re wondering what the bail process is like? Read below for information about how to post bail by phone.

Commonly asked questions:

  • How do bail bonds work
  • What does the Tooele County Bail Bonds process look like?
  • How much does a Bail Bond Cost Me
  • Can I get my money back
  • What happens if my loved one doesn’t show up for his or her court date

Read our FAQ for more answers.

The fastest way we can answer these questions is to call our friendly Tooele County Bail Bonds Agent. His name is Jake Nay and he is available 24 hours a Day 7 Days a week.

How Our Tooele County Bail Bonds Agents Operate

Before you rush to the jail call our local Tooele Bail Bonds agent. Our Bail agent will do all of the heavy lifting for you. We will get the booking information, answer any questions you may have and provide free bail bond information. The Tooele County Jail requires that the inmate is only released to a licensed driver so our bail bondsman in Vernal will meet you at the jail. In fact, we meet everyone at the jail. Don’t worry, we are prepared for any circumstance. Our fast, reliable and trusted bail bond agents will work diligently to bring your family back together as quickly as possible.

With over 16 years of bail bond experience in Utah, we have encountered every issue. We can relate to any scenario. We offer custom financial payment plans at NO INTEREST and we require very little down. In most cases, there is no collateral required.

Here are the reasons to Post Bail By Phone:

  • FAST – Average release Time is 20-45 minutes after bail is posted
  • SUBSTANCE – We pride ourselves in breaking the image of traditional Bail Bondsman with our unwavering code of ethics.
  • STABILITY – We have the expertise and experience and trust. Our word is our Bond.
  • FINANCING OPTIONS AVAILABLE – If you are low on funds and have employment We Will Work with you.

The Tooele County Sheriff has provided the following information:

  • Visits to inmates can be completed in-person or with the new Video Visitation program.
  • Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls. They can make outgoing collect calls and inmates can purchase a phone card.
  • Cash bail can be paid directly at the jail.
  • An inmate will be released from jail when they served the time, their bail is paid privately or by a bail bond company, or by release order from the court.

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