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Bail Bond Process


Bail Bond Process

Step by Step Guide to Posting Bail

  1. Physical Arrest & Booking – Your loved one or the defendant is taken into custody and placed into a Utah Jail.  Finger Prints, mugshots and a background check happens.  BAIL IS SET
  2. Phone Call Happens- Usually to a friend or a family member or an Attorney.  One of them will call a Utah Bail Bondsman.
  3. Utah Bail Bondsman – Here at ‘Post Bail By Phone’ we explain the options to the cosigner for bail.
  4.  Bail Via 10% to Use a Bondsman – We take payment plans and in most cases collateral is not needed.


Christie Ellis – Owner

Post Bail By Phone Offers:

  • 24/7 365 Availability
  • Fast & Flexible Bail Agents
  • Free Warrant Checks
  • Interest-Free Financing
  • Local & Out Of County Bonds
  • National Bonds (Where Bail Is Permitted)
  • Numerous Payment Options
  • Court Calendar Request
  • Free Bail Bond Counseling

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